Becca Dower

Grad Student Becca Dower

Title/Department: Graduate Student, Civil Society and Community Studies




Becca Dower is a graduate student in the department of Civil Society and Community Studies in the School of Human Ecology. Their research is with First Nations food sovereignty initiatives across Turtle Island (North America). Currently they are collecting oral histories of food sovereignty leaders in Wisconsin’s Tribal communities.

Becca graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Community Health from Montana State University. While doing her undergraduate studies she worked full-time as the lead nursing assistant in an Alzheimer’s home. After graduating she worked in therapeutic services for homeless teenagers and then built trails in the Oregon wilderness. While on a bike trip in France, Becca was able to work on an organic farm and see first hand a self-sustaining community of trade and caretaking through a collective of farmers, ranchers, bakers and educators. This experience further supported her desire to explore connecting traditional models to modern communities.

Now at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Becca is involved with various research projects pertaining to Native people and environmental justice. When arriving to Wisconsin she joined a group to the Bad River Reservation of the Ojibwe on the shores of Lake Superior. She has been active in the local Native community particularly in light of the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota. Her work is with and for Native people.