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Doctoral Minor in Human Ecology
Doctoral Minor in Human Development and Family Studies
UW-Madison Graduate Certificates

Graduate Courses

Courses for Human Ecology graduate programs are offered through four academic departments. When searching for courses in the UW-Madison Course Guide, it may be helpful to reference the chart below.

Human Ecology
Graduate Option

Human Ecology
Academic Department

Subject Abbreviation
in Course Guide
Civil Society & Community ResearchCivil Society and Community StudiesINTER-HE, CSCS

Consumer Behavior & Family EconomicsConsumer ScienceCNSR SCI
Design StudiesDesign StudiesDS
Human Development & Family StudiesHuman Development & Family StudiesHDFS

Resources & Organizations

Student studying in a field of bluebells near Nancy Nicholas Hall

  • The all UW-Madison Students page provides links to information about housing, finances and money, health and safety, getting involved on campus, getting around campus, and student services
  • The UW-Madison Graduate Students website is tailored to the needs and interests of graduate students
  • The Guide to Graduate Student Life pdf  helps with nonacademic issues and offers advice about the university and community from a student’s perspective
  • SoHE’s student organizations offer opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students to meet other students and faculty, get involved in the community, and gain valuable experience

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 Graduate Program ChairDepartment Chair
Civil Society and Community StudiesShannon SparksCynthia Jasper
Consumer ScienceJ. Michael CollinsNancy Wong
Design StudiesJung-hye ShinRoberto Rengel
Human Development and Family StudiesSarah Halpern-MeekinJanean Dilworth-Bart
Master of Science in Human EcologySarah Halpern-Meekin