Mengguo Jing

Mengguo Jing

Title/Department: Graduate Student, Human Development and Family Studies

Office: Nancy Nicholas Hall 4207

Office Hours: 8:30AM – 10:30AM




Mengguo’s research interest lies in the intersection between children’s cognitive development and digital media. She is especially interested in examining the possible mechanism underlying the impacts of media on young children’s executive functions. Particularly, how their inductive inference and causal reasoning could be facilitated by their media engagement. She is also interested in cross-cultural research on children’s math learning from media, and exploring the cultural role in delivering math educational content to young learners and the cultural differences in math learning from media between Eastern and Western societies.

Education and Relevant Experience

Mengguo received both her B.A. (Central China Normal University) and M.Ed. (University of Hong Kong) in Early Childhood Education. She once worked as a research assistant in the Division of Information Technology Education at the University of Hong Kong. She was also a kindergarten teacher and taught 4-5-year trilingual children at an international school in Hong Kong. Through this experience, Mengguo acquired additional knowledge of children’s development and early childhood education through direct involvement in childcare context. With her experience in Information Technology Education research and her observation of kindergarten kids’ media engagement, she has been drawn to how to provide children with developmentally-appropriate media environment.