Fuchun Zhan

Graduate student Fuchun Zhan

Title/Department: PhD Candidate, Consumer Science

Office: Nancy Nicholas Hall 4243

Email: fzhan3@wisc.edu



Fuchun is interested in Behavioral Economics and Consumer Psychology. In particular, he focuses on decision making and information processing behind various consumer behaviors. With he help of his mixed background, he is able to work heavily on modeling and testing theories via experiments. Besides his concentration, Fuchun manages to stay open to current interdisciplinary studies within Psychology, Economics, Marketing and Consumer Science literature. He is currently the manager of SOHE Consumer Science Subject Pool.

Education and Relevant Experience

Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, State University of New York at Buffalo 2015-2016

M.S. Economics, State University of New York at Buffalo 2015

B.S. Psychology Beijing Normal University, 2012