Graduate Student Sambo: A Remarkable Fellowship

Allison Sambo
Allison Sambo, a Masters student in International Public Affairs and a Doctoral Candidate in Civil Society and Community Research at UW-Madison has won the US DACOR Bacon House Graduate Fellowship for Study of International Affairs. This highly competitive program is open to just eleven schools, five perennial:
  • American University-SIS
  • Johns Hopkins-SAIS
  • Georgetown-Walsh School
  • The George Washington University-Elliott School
  • Tufts-Fletcher School
and six additional universities are each invited to nominate three candidates.


In relation to her interests in International Development, Allison has been able to study community-based organizations, community mobilization, economic development and civil society collective action around environmental, social, and health issues. Her partnerships with community-based organizations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya have enabled her to conduct research with women’s groups working on women’s health, economic, environmental, and justice issues. Allison’s recent focus has been on the ways in which climate change, environmental degradation, and the fight over natural resources have inequitably affected women in this locale. She studies how these issues can be catalysts for women’s mobilizing and are connected to social, health, and economic systems. Her research also examines the remarkable solidarity of women in these regions of Africa, who through collective action have accomplished great change for themselves and future generations of women. Allison’s studies have allowed her to bolster her advocacy to connect local communities globally through her current research on these important international matters and their effects.

Congratulations Allison!

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