Grad and Undergrad Students Present at National Conference

UW-Madison Research Lab attending National Council on Family Relations 2016

Eight students from Professor Julie Poehlmann-Tynan’s research lab traveled to Minneapolis to attend the 2016 annual National Council on Family Relations conference held from November 2-5, 2016 in the Twin Cities. The students co-authored a poster presentation entitled “Attachment and Family Drawings in Young Children with Jailed Parents” which they presented on November 3rd. Students were also able to attend presentations focusing on social justice, racial discrimination, immigration, and other topics on the conference theme: Families and Human Rights: Promise and Vulnerability in the 21st Century. Students included 2 graduate HDFS students, 4 undergraduate HDFS students, and 2 students with other majors. All of the students have engaged in research with children of incarcerated parents in Poehlmann-Tynan’s lab in the School of Human Ecology for at least 2 semesters. Poehlmann-Tynan said that she was “thrilled” that her students could present at and attend a national conference. “It expands their horizons and helps with networking and future careers. It was made possible by the fact that the conference was relatively close to Madison this year and by the generous funding provided by alumna Dorothy A. O’Brien as part of the professorship that I was awarded last year.”

Pictured in the photo are:

Font row (L-R): Nikki Johnson, Zoe Milavetz, Alex Galvan, Julie Poehlmann-Tynan
Back row (L-R): Ashleigh Grendziak, Lexi Frerks, Hilary Runion, Luke Muentner
Not pictured: Anthony Nestler

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