Room Reservations

Room Reservations in Nancy Nicholas Hall

Nancy Nicholas Hall is home to many reservable rooms, ranging in size from two-person conference rooms to Plenary Hall, which may accommodate up to 75 people. Each room has a standard furniture layout and dedicated AV Technology.

Conference room reservations may be made by full time SoHE faculty and staff using EMS, our Online Reservation System. Rooms may only be reserved by SoHE Faculty and Staff for events that are School related. The faculty or staff member reserving the room is responsible for the event, and making sure the room is left in a clean and usable state after the event. Rooms may only be reserved during normal building hours. Any after hour or weekend events will have to be cleared with BITS staff by emailing Most conference rooms in the building are locked at all times. Full time faculty and staff may request a conference room key in room 1116.

Certain areas of the school, such as Plenary Hall, the third floor Concourse, third floor Roof Terrace, and the Link cannot be reserved with the online room reservation system. All requests for these spaces will have to be reviewed by the Dean’s office. Email Sue Bruns,, for use of Plenary Hall, and John Hilgers for the link and third floor terrace.

The person reserving the conference room is responsible for making sure the room is cleaned, white boards are wiped down, and any furniture moved is put back into place.

If you have questions about technology support for your meeting, please contact If you are a full time SoHE faculty or staff member, but do not have the option to reserve a room once you have logged into the EMS reservation system you should also contact and report the issue.

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Instructions for Reserving Rooms with EMS

NOTE:  We allow certain rooms (including 2211, 2235, and 4198) that are used by classes to be reserved for events and meetings. If you schedule something in one of these rooms or a classroom, be aware that your event may be bumped out of the room by a  scheduled Timetable class. This is usually only an issue for events scheduled far in advance, before the class information is loaded, but if you have a high profile event, using room 1199 or Plenary would be best, to avoid class conflicts. You also will not be allowed to schedule any events that are outside of normal building hours (I.E. on weekends). If you plan on scheduling something after hours, you will need to work with me, as we have to coordinate having the school doors unlocked, and you will need to have a SoHE staff member on hand and responsible for the building during this time.