Getting Things Done at SoHE

Nancy Nicholas Hall and Facilities

Get Access to a Room or After Hours Access

For a student or staff member to get key or card access to a secure space, a request must be submitted to or dropped by room 1116. A Department Chair, a Department Administrator, or the Faculty or Staff Member that has been assigned the room or space must make the request. The outer doors of the building and some of the rooms are set for card, rather than key access. A recent campus ID is required for access to these doors. If access card access is needed, you need only send an email with the full name and card ID on them to

Get a Phone Line

Please send all phone line and voice mail requests via email to You will need to include the name of the person associated with the phone line, room number, the jack number, and phone number (if it exists). For new phone lines, you will need to provide a funding string, and let us know if the the line needs long distance access and/or a voice mail.

Reserving Rooms in Nancy Nicholas Hall

You must be a building resident of Nancy Nicholas Hall to reserve rooms here. For more information go to

Order Catering Services

The Robin’s Nest, a Badger Market, offers a variety of catering options within Nancy Nicholas Hall. Services are available to all UW-Madison sponsored academic groups, registered student organizations and government agencies. For a full list of services and menus click here or print the Robin’s Nest Cafe Catering Request Form. Contact the Robin’s Nest at 265-9090.

Report a Building Problem

For minor building issues, you can email or call 265-0534 during business hours. If there is a major building problem on a weekend or after hours, call CARS at 263-3333 and leave a message. Learn more about other Nancy Nicholas Hall Policies.

Welcome Screen Requests

If you would like to post an announcement on the large screen in the main entrance, email the Think Tank Team at within one week of desired slide start date. Designed images must be 1920×1080 in PPT, PNG or JPG file formats. Email must include all relevant information and any pre-designed images along with the start date and duration you wish the announcement to be posted. We reserve the right to reformat or redesign any requests.


Access to the Website

Access to the SoHE website requires formal approval and WordPress training. If you would like to begin the process, fill out this form and email it to for review.

Getting Events or Blogs Postings on the Website

Email the name of the event, time, location, contact person, RSVP information, and an image to Think Tank Team at within one week of the event.


Get Computer Help

To get computer help please email or for emergencies call 608-265-0534 John and Justin do have Wisc email accounts, however for your benefit it’s better to send help requests to the BITS address so that everyone on the team can see the issue instead of just one person. The BITS office is located in the northeast side on the first floor, coming from the main entrance you would go west down the long hallway and then left at end. We’re room 1116. The extension for BITS is 50534 in the SoHE Building.

Access Files Remotely

Campus uses the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client to allow you to connect to our network while not on campus. We can help with setting this up for your Windows or Apple laptop if you stop by our office or over the phone if that’s not an option. Note that you will need a SoHE account, this is a separate account from your NetID that we will have to configure for you. If you don’t have a SoHE account or are not sure, contact us and we can help in moving forward.Download Self-Install Instructions – Remote-SoHE-Access.pdf

Use Classroom A/V Equipment

Instructions on how to use classroom projectors with your laptop or the built-in Mac Mini are located on the podiums at the front of the room. If any additional help is needed you can send in a request or stop by our office. If there’s an issue with the technology in the classroom, give us a call at 265-0534 or come down to 1116 if it’s urgent, otherwise if there’s a non-critical issue and you would just like to let us know feel free to email us at

Video Requests

SoHE is no longer able to offer video services for communications or academic technology. Video equipment can be checked out individually through BITS and the university offers a full range of for-hire video services through DoIT Academic Technology’s Video Production service, including educational videos for courses, presentation capture and marketing videos to showcase research, programs and services.

Check Out a Laptop or Projector

We have a collection of Dell PCs and Macbooks that we’re willing to loan out temporarily to meet the needs of any faculty, PA, TA, grad student, or lecturer. If you are not regular building faculty we will need your campus ID # when checking out our equipment. Projectors, speakers, and microphones can also be loaned out from us. If for some reason our office is closed (after hours) this equipment can be found on the 4th floor in 4269, ask your department administrator for they key to this closet.

Set Up a Mobile Device with Campus Email and Calendar Access

Instructions can be found at the following pages: Android Devices

iPhone / iPad

If you need help please contact us or come to our office for assistance with configuring your mobile device. For those with mail/calendar clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird, the instructions with settings required can be found here: Windows


Get Software Training

DoIT Academic Technology provides a wide variety of training for students, faculty and staff. For students, Software Training for Students offer the following free services.

For instructors and student organizations, Software Training for Students offers Custom Technology Workshops. STS trainers work with you to design and deliver software trainings tailored to your specific needs. This free service allows instructors to focus on the course content and not the technology.

All staff have access to free online tutorials through and affordable options for in-person and virtual trainings.

Human Resources Questions

How do I add someone to the SoHE web directory?

Complete the SoHE Bio Form update mar 2015 and email to – allow at least 5-7 working days for the new person to be added.

How do I change my address in official records?

Complete the Address Change Form and return to Ethel Herbrand, Payroll and Benefits Specialist-Advanced, Room 2134 Nancy Nicholas Hall.

What should I do to be absent from campus (duties)?

It’s simple! Complete the online Request to be Away from Campus link and be sure to have your supervisor approve in advance. For a simple”how to” for away-from-campus-approver for supervisors, or click for away-from-campus-requestor.

How do I open a Faculty or Academic Staff position:

There are three steps:

  1. Complete the PVL (Position Vacancy Listing) Request Form.
    1. If the position is for a Faculty position it has to advertised for 2 months and you need to include a REP (Recruitment Efforts Plan).
    2. If the position is going to have a starting salary of more than $72K you will need to advertise it for a month and you will need a REP. Otherwise the position will be posted for two weeks and you do not need an REP.
  2. Send the filled out PVL to so it can be entered into the appropriate campus recruitment system.
  3. Once the position vacancy has been approved by central campus Human Resources you will be notified by email that you can begin your recruitment.

How do I open a Classified position?

There are two steps:

  1. Fill out the Classified position request form.
  2. Send the form to and we will contact you about the rest of the process.

How do I Hire someone?

Staff SoHE Hiring Form (doc) All Graduate SoHE Hiring Form (doc) Student Hourly Worker Form (doc)

Where can I find out About Campus Resources and Policies?

Academic Staff Policies and Procedures (ASPP) Employee assistance Classified Staff Policies and procedures