Fortune 500 Meets Retail

ATT Logo

Submitted by Courtney McHugh, Junior, Retailing

Speaker: David Ven Roy, Director of Sales


The SoHE Consumer Science retail program had the pleasure of welcoming AT&T to the Retail Leadership Symposium class on October 29th. AT&T, a Fortune 500 company is one of the largest communications companies in over 225 countries. The company provides a wide range of services from revolutionary smartphones to next-generation TV and broadband services. With over 16.4 million customers, AT&T remains the most valuable brand in the telecommunications industry for the fourth year in a row, not to mention being founded by the one and only Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of the telephone).

David Ven Roy discussed the importance of focusing on the customer experience, and creating an environment that allows the customer to interact with their products. AT&T has a flagship store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, which focuses heavily on this customer experience. The company invites customers to explore what modern smartphones are capable of doing such as using digital life to manage tasks around the house, as well as trying out brand new technology that AT&T is producing, demonstrating that AT&T is striving to be company that cares about what it’s customers really want.


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