Fashion, Fun and Sustainable Living

children in dress-up clothes

The Center for Child and Family Well-Being at the University of Wisconsin-Madison enthusiastically invites the public to attend our annual RePLAY: Sustainable Kids’ Fashion Show and Educational Play Event. RePLAY will be held at Nancy Nicholas Hall, School of Human Ecology, Sunday December 11 from 3:00-5:00 pm.

The event is free, family-friendly, and open to the public. Local preschool and kindergarten age children model sustainable clothing starting at 3:00 pm and educational play activities begin at 3:30 pm, including making accessories from recycled materials (Madison Children’s Museum), mindfulness for kids (Center for Healthy Minds), learning about nature and animals (Aldo Leopold Nature Center), making healthy snacks, nature play, yoga, dress up imagination play, learning from touchscreens, and more! There are free snacks and beverages starting at 3:30 pm. Parking is available in the garage under Nancy Nicholas Hall for a small fee or on Observatory Drive.

RePLAY provides an opportunity for children and families to participate in free and fun activities designed to highlight ways to play and live well while doing so sustainably and on a budget. Clothes modeled by young children are either made of sustainable, organic materials or are reused or re-purposed garments. They have been donated to the Center by local stores and organizations, including Good Will, St. Vincent de Paul, Half-Pint, Happy Bambinos, Madison Mamas, Silly Monkeys, Happily Ever After, Boomerangs, and Just Friends.

RePLAY also involves more than 30 student volunteers, including participation of student organizations from the Interior Architecture and Human Development and Family Studies programs.

Center Director Dr. Julie Poehlmann-Tynan states “It’s wonderful to see a diverse group of young children and families learning and having fun around themes related to sustainable living. And of course the kids are absolutely adorable when modeling the clothes. It’s amazing how cute the reused, re-purposed, and sustainable garments look on the children!”

About RePLAY: RePLAY: Sustainable Kids’ Fashion Show is sponsored by the Center for Child and Family Well Being at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Center seeks to promote positive child and family development through various venues such as research, programs and public events. This is the 4th annual RePLAY event hosted by the Center.

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