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For the Week of January 4-10, 2015

Check out the various articles that SoHE has been featured in this week!

In the News

Underserved and Overweight

In Common Magazine, Nelson Institute Fall/Winter 2014

Story focus: Brian Christens

Self-Help and Self-Improvement for the new year!

BBC 4 Radio Show Thinking Allowed 1/5/2015

Story focus: Christine Whelan



30 Women to Watch, Champions of Change

Brava Magazine January 2015

Story focus: Lori DiPrete Brown



Chauette & Home, The Perfect Pair

Brava Magazine January 2015

Story focus: Sue Bakke (a 100 Women donor supporting 4W)



Cultivating Wellbeing, One Breath at a Time

Brava Magazine January 2015

Story focus: Richard Davidson, Waisman Early Childhood Center





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