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Photo of Majid Sarmadi holding carpet samples and report.

Majid Sarmadi

Titles: Professor
Joined DS: 1986
Office: 3214 Nancy Nicholas Hall
Phone: 608-262-7492

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Background & Interests

Majid Sarmadi received his PhD from Virginia tech in 1986 in Textile Science.  A Rothermel Bascom Professor, he directs graduate students in the Materials Science graduate program and the textile science specialization of the School of Human Ecology: Design Studies graduate degree. He is also a member of faculty of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. His research focus includes: Chemical properties and structures of textile fibers; plasma modifications of materials, wettability, dyeing and finishing. His teaching and research incorporate the topic of sustainability.

He has received many Awards including: the Harold Dewitt Smith Memorial Medal presented by ASTM International, 2002; Certificate of Recognition, Supreme Court of Wisconsin2009; Certificate of Appreciation, PEOPLE program-UW-Madison, 2009. Faculty Professional Excellence Award, 1997; Certificate of Award for second place paper, Inter-sectional Technical Paper Competition, International Technical Conference, AATCC, 1995; Certificate of Award for Excellence in Outreach, School of Human Ecology UW-Madison, 1990. Certificate of Award for third place paper, Inter-sectional Technical Paper Competition, International Technical Conference, AATCC, 1987; Certificate of Award for second place paper, Intersectional Technical Paper Competition, National Technical Conference AATCC, 1984.

He is the author and coauthor of more than 60 scientific papers and holds four patents in the area of dyeing, finishing, and plasma modification of films and fibrous materials. He has also served as consultant for textile and related industries, state procurement offices, and judicial system on issues such as wettability, dyeability, flammability, and minimum specifications for carpet and other textile materials.

He has also served as consultant to Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) which serves more than 220,000 students with a building budget of 5.7 Billion Dollars. The Carpet specification that Professor Sarmadi wrote for LACCDis one of his most important contributions to the textile industry and the world as a whole. Professional magazine such as College Planning & Management and some news papers have called his specifications” Best Practices.” Sarmadi’s Sustainable Carpet Project saved more than 40 million dollars for the State of California on one contract alone. The project has received 16 different awards such as:

  • California’s Governor's Award for Energy and Environmental Leadership
  • Awards from US Senate and US Congress
  • Many Awards from California’s Senate and Congress
  • Award from the Mayor of Los Angeles

Professor Sarmadi's work connects him with Forestry, Chemistry, CPAM, Materials Science, Medical School, and Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.


  • DS 251: Textile Science:
  • DS 451: Color Theory and Technolgoy
  • DS 561: Textile Specification and End-Use Analysis

Graduate Student Research Topics

Past dissertation topics include:

  • "Enzyme Immobilization on Plasma Functionalized Synthetic Polymers"
  • "Surface Modification for Improved Dyeing Properties of Polyester Fabrics with SiCl4 and SiCl4/O2"
  • "Assessing Biodegradation of Selected Textiles"
  • "Recycling of Fibrous Material: Spray Fractionation Mechanism"
  • "Wetting Properties of Non-woven Fabrics as Protective Garment Materials"
  • "Reducing Flammability of Textiles and other Polymeric Materials using Plasma Treatment"
  • "Silicon Tetrachloride Plasma Induced Grating for Starch-Based Composites"
  • "Plasma Treatment for Textile Surfaces that Kill Microorganism on Conact"