Duluth Trading President Inspires Students

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The Kohl’s Center for Retailing and the School of Human Ecology had the pleasure of hosting Stephanie Pugliese, President of Duluth Trading Company for last week’s Retail Leadership Symposium.


Pugliese had several insights for the students including advice for beginning their careers.  Pugliese said, “When looking for places to start your career, make sure you choose a brand or a company that treats its customers right first and foremost”.

“When looking for places to start your career, make sure you choose a brand or a company that treats its customers right.”

Duluth Trading Company is a Midwestern driven retailer that specializes in clothing and accessories for hard working, involved men and women. From the beginning, Duluth Trading Company set itself apart by building helpful and innovative gear for those in the trades, doing it with an honest and straightforward messaging strategy with a lot of humor.  From the beginning, they believed “there’s gotta be a better way”, and that is how they choose product and make decisions today.


Pugliese explained that Duluth is a unique company, as it is a multi-channel, direct-to-consumer retailer. They do a majority of their product development in house and are always experimenting with new and innovative ways to improve the lives of their core customer. The business is primarily driven through catalogue and e-commerce; however, they are beginning to open up retail stores
in some markets to build a more dynamic omni-channel presence.

Pugliese said of the omni channel world and a retailers job, “When a customer picks up the phone to call us, browses our website, or stops in the store they want  the same experience”.


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