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Welcome to the Department of Consumer Science

Faculty Spotlight

The Department of Consumer Science develops and disseminates information on the ways in which the interactions among consumers, business, and government can enhance the interests and wellbeing of consumers, families, and communities. We focus on various dimensions of wellbeing including economic/financial security, consumer empowerment, health, food security, housing security, sustainability, and the public policies that affects those dimensions of wellbeing.

We offer undergraduate programs in Consumer Affairs, Personal Finance, and Retailing, as well as masters and doctoral programs in Consumer Behavior and Family Economics. Our undergraduate and graduate programs are interdisciplinary, and current faculty have degrees in diverse fields including economics, management, public policy, retailing, sociology, social work, and consumer science.

The Consumer Affairs and Personal Finance majors meet the needs of students interested in qualifying for employment or graduate study in business, economics, finance, consumer law, specialized areas of family and consumer finance, or family economics. The Retailing major prepares students for management level positions in a wide variety of retail settings.

For further information, please e-mail Liv Lindenberg, Department Administrator for Consumer Science.


Department of Consumer Science
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