Contribute with Compassion

Aubrey Fisher, SoHE student Aubrey Fisher, study abroad in spain

I’m Aubrey Fisher and I’ve spent the past four months of my college career on the other side of the globe, in Barcelona, Spain. My time spent studying and exploring Spain along with the eight other countries I traveled through while living abroad was the best experience of my life. My time so far in the School of Human Ecology at the UW has given me the tools to truly open so many doors. Each and every one of my classes in SoHE has encouraged students to build relationships, try new things, and engage in learning in every environment.

We as students are taught to get involved in what interests us, contribute to the community, and act with compassion in our everyday lives.

Traveling to Spain I was nervous and had few expectations. I applied these core values that SoHE holds its students to, and my experience was that much richer and that much more unique. I took advantage of every opportunity to learn, discover, meet, and explore new cultures and people. I was able to commit time to volunteering in the community I lived in and learn about my neighborhood and the people who lived there. I spent time with an “intercambio”—a language exchange partner who taught me more about her language and culture while I shared with her about my life back home. And finally, I traveled to different cities, tried new foods, and listened to people’s histories and stories. With the knowledge I have gained in my courses in SoHE I was prepared to go out and take advantage of every ounce of opportunity there was abroad.

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