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November 2018

President's Oak planting graphicCenter for Financial Security receives big support from the Social Security Administration to help the elderly. Day-of-the-Dead inspired alter display returns to SoHE. Women in Leadership 2018 features alumni Ahlers and author Plitt. New estate planning 101 video from Cliff Robb. SoHE asks, “What are you thankful for?” Bur Oak is back on camups! And, a Back to School recap.

September 2018

Design Thinking Summer Course

UW academic year begins, the third annual Back to School event is being held on September 28, SoHE alum Molly Reddy discusses how positively SoHE has affected her personal life and career, Dr. Kasey Keeler joins our faculty this year, and the Design Thinking for Transformation summer course gave students an opportunity to collaborate and improve the customers’ experience at the farmer’s market.

July 2018

100 Women sing VarsityThe gathering of the 100 Women honorees to celebrate the completion of the wall, SoHE’s annual Golf Scramble which helps raise money for student nonprofit internships, Back to School alumni event featuring lectures by SoHE faculty and hands-on workshops, 2018 Alumni Award winners, the “hap·pi·ness” video featuring an interview with Dr. Christine Whelan who talks about happiness in our society, ESPN’s feature article on CNPL football player Olive Sagapolu reaches over 22 million people, and Associate Dean and professor Connie FLanagan receives a $1.19 million grant for SoHE.

May 2018

Dean Shim pictured with son on ski trip.SoHE’s recent focus on studying the science of happiness, highlights from Dean Shim’s travels, three undergraduate students discuss their Design Thinking for Transformation course, a look into the Child Development Lab, the 100 Women Wall of Honor is completed, and how SoHE’s Centers of Excellence empower our faculty and students.

December 2017

Motion W tote bagA recap of SoHE alumna Lorna Nagler’s semester as Alumni Executive-in-Residence for the Kohl’s Center for Retailing, Retailing and Consumer Behavior students collaborate with New York designer to create “Motion W” tote bags, SoHE launches a Fundraising and Development for Nonprofit Organizations course, alumna Linda L. Ahlers begins three-year term on UW Foundation Board of Directors, and Dr. Marina Moskowitz is appointed the inaugural Lynn and Gary Mecklenburg Chair in Textiles, Culture and Design.

September 2017

Retailing students study trends in Europe, Textiles and Fashion Design students co-design with artisans from Gujarat, India, an HDFS graduate student is named UW-Madison’s annual Institute for Research on Poverty Dissertation Fellow, four SoHE alumni receive recognition for their service to the university, we welcome our alumni Back to School, and the Design Gallery exhibits support of the well-being of Syrian child refugees.

June 2017

SoHE brings first University Innovation Fellows to UW, a CSCS grad student blogs about her tribal ag program, the 2017 SoHE alumni award winners, an HDFS student speaks about her clothing company and passion for matchmaking, Dean Soyeon Shim releases findings from her eight-year research project, and Director Jerry O’Brien provides insight on intergenerational management.

December 2016

Design Gallery exhibitions grab the attention of the Big Ten Network, the SoHE course that helps students deal with personal finances continues to grow in demand, pros in the retailing industry head to Nancy Nicholas Hall to speak with students, and Consumer Science faculty member gives her tips for making the most of holiday giving.

October 2016

A SoHE alum is being featured in UW’s Project 72, student and faculty growth is up, a new HLATC video, Back to School alumni recap, how to double your donation to the annual fund, the 2016 SoHE alumni award winners, grad student stories, and Professor and Associate Dean Flanagan tapped for NBC parenting site.

July 2016

Badger Legend Tony Granato returns to SoHE, an interior architecture alum that is working on the new Serf, a peek at Christine Whelan’s book the Big Picture, summer weaving at the WID with Marianne Fairbanks, depression studies by Charles Raison and warming up body temperatures, and SoHE’s new Prenatal to Five initiative.

May 2016

A SoHE alum biking to baseball games for charities, plus recent graduation ceremonies, Elizabeth Doyle being announce a Truman Scholar, the video from the 2016 Threads Fashion Show, students winning a national retail competition, and an UNESCO Chair coming to UW-Madison.

March 2016

An alum working with UW’s McBurney Disability Resource Center, plus the 2015 young alumni honor roll, a returning student in personal finance, the IMPACT Fashion Show, a study at SoHE about Concussion reporting in sports, and a link to new videos that promote SoHE Majors.

December 2015

The SoHE annual fund, a link to an infographic about the numbers in SoHE, a student story about an alum becoming a rabbi, the new Alumni in Residence program, research by Charles Raison about dogs helping relieving stress, and research by Jerry O’Brien on holiday spending.

October 2015

Fill the Hill, a map on where SoHE alumni were in the world, a story from a student on the power of internships, the mindfulness initiative, Marianne Fairbanks’ research on solar textiles, the Career Ecology, and wearable technology with Kevin Ponto.

July 2015

What is a human ecologist? video, a new grad’s story on working with the PEOPLE Program at Madison, an invitation to the Career Ecology event, a thank you to student donors, alumni award nominations, and a summer art exhibit that bridged alumni and faculty.

May 2015

UW-Madison Graduation Look-Back, a SoHE grad that is a professional BMXer, Cory Linsmeyer and his MFA exhibit, “Horse Power”, Kim Sponem being appointed to an advisory council to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and a video series promoting majors, MyEarth an app developed by Nancy Wong and UW-Madison computer science, and faculty receiving top awards.

March 2015

Tony Hallada speaking at SoHE, an Alumna presenting at the CCFWB Seminar, a shoutout to young alumni donors, a Alum spotlight on Kari Temkins, On Wisconsin covering a design studies course that brings together SoHE students and global artisans, 21 questions with Dean Shim, a Map of Alumni gatherings, and an article on Christens lead obesity prevention study.

December 2014

21 Questions with Matt Muenster, Giving Tuesday at SoHE, centers spotlights, a video on what if, 2014 alumni award winners, the Ruth Davis Design Gallery, Design Thinking Showcase, and Community Health and Well-being by Design.

October 2014

Alum Julia Mack an NYC interior designer, the 2014 Badger Networking Event, You-Share, about Design thinking, a film festival focusing on positive development, Michael J Collins receiving two US treasury grants, a study about understanding Alzheimers with Sigan Hartley, and Kallenborn premiering a Day of the Dead film.