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UW-Madison sophomore Mallory Swenson (Community & Nonprofit Leadership) , in partnership with the the Lussier Community Education Center in Madison, WI, has been awarded a 2016-17 Wisconsin Idea Fellowship to help the center increase nutrition at its food pantry.

The project was one of nine selected for the 18th annual Wisconsin Idea Fellowships, a program that awards undergraduate projects working to solve issues identified by local or global communities. Fellowships are awarded to semester-long or year-long projects designed by an undergraduate student or group of students in collaboration with a community organization and a UW-Madison faculty or staff member.

The projects, which are all rooted in the concept of addressing needs identified by community partners, range in topic from public health, to agriculture, college-preparedness mentoring, poverty and more. A total of 15 UW-Madison students are part of this year’s projects, sponsored by the Morgridge Center for Public Service.

The WIF selection process is highly competitive, with successful projects receiving both logistical and financial support—up to $7,000. Some projects will begin this summer, and some may last through next May.

Project Details:

  • Food Insecurity in Madison, WI: Using Community Outreach for a Healthier Food Pantry (Madison, WI)
  • Student: Mallory Swenson (Community and Nonprofit Leadership)
  • Faculty advisor: Assistant Professor Jennifer Gaddis (Civil Society & Community Studies)
  • Community Partner: Lussier Community Education Center
  • Description: Nationwide, food pantries are becoming a vital resource to those in need, yet organizations struggle to provide a healthy variety of foods. This project will focus on improving the nutritional profile of the food offered and the level of community involvement through the development of new outreach materials and a protocols to increase the amount of high quality, nutrient dense donations. The project will also distribute recipe cards and provide cooking demonstrations centered around the pantry, that clients can use at home.

Written by:

Mark Bennett, Morgridge Center for Public Service Communications Specialist,

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