Christensen Wins Design Challenge

Christensen's winning design.

SoHE Interior Architecture student Courtney Christensen was recently announced as one of the first place winners of the Sherwin-Williams Student Design Challenge 2017. Christensen won the commercial design category with her re-imagining of the UW Credit Union.

Courtney Christensen's winning design of the UW Credit Union.

In regards to the project, Christensen said:

For the UW Credit Union E-Commerce Center project my classmates and I we were given an existing space, in a UW Credit Union building, with clients who had specific needs and requirements for their space.  Over the course of approximately two months I established my design concept and developed my design.  My design goal was to create a fun yet functional office space that I achieved through the use of bright colors, organic elements, and the maximization of natural light and outdoor views to hint at an urban rooftop garden. Color was an integral part in my design and orange and blue, the dominant colors in the space, were chosen through color psychology.  Orange is vibrant and associated with positivity while blue is calming and associated with higher rates of productivity.  Overall, I wanted to create an energizing work environment that anyone would enjoy working in.”

Christensen will be awarded a well-deserved $2,500 cash prize for her winning design.

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