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Joy Huntington in Color

Grad Student Huntington: Design and the American Dream

Joy Huntington, PhD Student Design Studies Researching the Rise of Single Women Homeowners When Joy Huntington designed homes for her clients in Pittsburgh she was often intrigued by how differently men and women would react to certain design ideas. “Our firm did everything – from picking out towels and flatware to designing the home. I […]

Emily Ostertag dress.

Alumni Spotlight: Emily Ostertag Working to Design New SERF Building

Who better to help design the UW-Madison South East Recreational, or the SERF, than former UW-Madison swimmer and SoHE alumna Emily Ostertag (’06, ’08)? Eight years after finishing her masters in Interior Architecture at SoHE, Emily gets to work with her firm, HOK, to combine her passion for swimming, design and her alma mater in a”dream project.” […]

Picture of Wisconsin

UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee Plans for Future in Clean Energy Competition

Team ‘Net Zero Wisconsin’ Takes Second Place in Nation-wide Engineering Student Design Competition The road to victory has been long for eight students studying the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, each majoring in Engineering or Interior Architecture. Last August 2015 they applied to the national U.S. Department of Engineering (DOE) Race to Zero […]

Picture of Wei's Painting.

Student Blog: The Process

While I was working one quiet Friday morning in the T3 offices, Professor Wei Dong came running in excitedly. He went right into Linda Zwicker’s office to tell her something important, I didn’t think anything of it, many professors come into our offices to chat with Linda. Minutes later, an excited Linda and Wei come […]

Interior Architecture student Lisa Johnson

Student Blog: My Summer Interior Architecture Internship

A great experience that included working on campus building design Lisa Johnson, a junior majoring in Interior Design, completed a summer internship at the Madison-based design firm KEE Architecture. Lisa worked on multiple projects, including one that involved remodeling a UW-Madison sorority house. Internships are valuable experiences that allow students to practice their applied-learning skills in […]

Picture of students in China

Knocking On China’s Door

Re-New and Re-Imagined A blog by UW-Madison student Danielle Syse Do you remember when you were younger and adults would always ask you what you wanted to be when you were older? We would say careers like a cop, a doctor, or a firefighter. However, when UW-Madison Interior Architecture student Lisa Johnson was in 7th […]

Engineers in the preschool

SoHE Infuses Design Thinking into Senior Engineering Course

Design thinking is process for achieving creative, human-centered, interdisciplinary solutions to real problems, big or small. For an engineering student, design thinking allows them to shift from a solution in search of a problem to a recognition of needs and how their capabilities and creatively can address them. With this idea in mind, the UW-Madison […]

Julia Mack

Concept Design for Students and for Clients

by Julia Mack (BS ’85), NYC-based interior designer for residential and commercial spaces and owner of Julia Mack Design, LLC It was second semester of my freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I was suddenly bit by the design bug. Winter hangs on in the Mid-West making spring slow to arrive but I […]

Clif Barber

Building aging friendly communities

“According to a recent report, Bayfield County will be one of the ‘oldest’ counties in the state in coming years based on the number of projected residents age 65 and older. What will this look like for the community? How will these demographics impact human services, transportation, health care, families, schools, community engagement and other […]