Ben Saxon

Ben Saxon, Senior at UW SoHE

My name is Ben Saxon and I am a senior majoring in Consumer Affairs in Business. I’m also doing a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Being a student of the School of Human Ecology and working for the school makes me very proud. The best part about the school is the focus on personal relationships.  People make the world go round and I’m excited to be apart of the Think Tank Team, which helps share their stories.  This is an amazing team that feels like a family.  My goal is to become the eyes and ears for the school and connect the school with its students.  On Wisconsin!

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  • Elizabeth Schar says:

    Ben, so glad to meet you at the SoHE board mtgs. Congrats on graduation. I wish you the best. Thanks for all you did to advance the messages of SoHE students and faculty work. I learned from you! E

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