Badgers Reflect on Summer 2018 Retail Internships

Home Depot Internship

With over 50% of UW Madison Retailing and Consumer Behavior students having an internship this summer, two students took some time to reflect on their time and accomplishments throughout their experiences. Nicholas Jackson  is entering his senior year at UW-Madison and interned this past summer with American Family Insurance. Lizz Denning, also a senior, spent her summer interning for Home Depot.

Nicholas Jackson reflects on his Dream Curator internship at American Family Insurance's Dream Bank.

Nicholas Jackson reflects on his Dream Curator internship at American Family Insurance’s Dream Bank.

Nicholas Jackson interned for the DreamBank at American Family Insurance in Madison. Nicholas’s main job as a Dream Curator Intern was to help organize and market events that DreamBank hosted. Aside from the day to day tasks, he worked on a project to develop a presentation for a local non-profit organization to demonstrate how a financial gift from American Family Insurance could help the organization.

Nicholas talked about his achievements from the project, “Our presentation was given in front of an audience of employees and panel of judges, and we were able to win $1,000 for Sustain Dane.” His accomplishments as an intern landed him a full time position at DreamBank within American Family Insurance after he graduates in May of 2019!

Lizz Denning spent her summer at Home Depot as an Operations Intern in Atlanta. She was given a summer long project to improve efficiency of employees in the garden centers. Each day Lizz would spend time on the floor with store associates to find what they needed to improve their daily responsibilities.

Lizz Denning reflects on her internship at The Home Depot in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lizz Denning reflects on her internship at The Home Depot in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lizz’s project was very successful for Home Depot, “I was able to decrease associate footsteps taken by 20% with my new process, and there are plans to roll this out to more stores by Spring 2019. It feels so amazing to know that a $100 billion company wants to use something that I came up with!”

Both Nicholas and Lizz emphasized how the company culture and values impacted their future paths in the retail industry. Providing a better experience for consumers and community is at the core of Lizz and Nicholas’s internships which speaks volume to transformation of the retail industry. Lizz summed up her experience perfectly, “This internship definitely solidified my decision to pursue roles that allow me to improve stores for customers and provide the best experience possible.”

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