Badger Retail Students hit the Big Apple

Macy's, UW-Madison Retail

Submitted by Marta Wangard, Junior, Retail Major

Today we started off our first morning in NYC with a visit to Macy’s headquarters.  Macy's, UW-Madison Retail

We first visited the Herald Square location where the CEO Terry Lundgren causally walked passed us on his way to his office. Oh and by the way, wished us a happy new year – so cool!

Our group headed over the other Macy’s office – they made us feel so welcome. Macy’s made some exciting new announcements about where the company is headed, and we got to hear from three fellow Badgers which was great. Go Bucky!


Kohl's, UW-Madison RetailLater that day we visited Kohl’s and learned about product development. Kohl’s work with a lot of celebrities and their exclusive brands so we got the “411” on J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) and Lauren Conrad. We observed a mock vendor meeting, just the kind of activity that makes this trip amazing.

After departing the Kohl’s Design Office, several of us broke off and explored the fabulous SoHo shopping district, stopping for a “quick and healthy snack of cupcakes and cookies” (!)  at Crumbs Bake Shop on the way to Penn Station.

It will be an early night to prepare for the student program tomorrow- see you there! 

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