Are you hosting an event at SoHE? Let us know!

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Hello, SoHE faculty, staff, and students! It’s your friendly communications team here with a heads-up on a new tool you can use for getting your events listed on our calendar page.


  • Fill out this handy new form,
  • Prepare your images to accompany the listing (details below), and
  • Voila! We’ll post it within three business days, including a listing on our Facebook page.

Be sure to have ready all the standard details of your event, as well as the funding stream for any event costs and a registration and payment link if you’re charging admission. The SoHE business office can help with those details if you have questions.


The form has a bunch of mandatory fields up top and optional ones below. Complete as much as applies for your event.

SoHE event form preview


There are TWO types of images we may request of you.

Your feature image is mandatory and will show both on the main calendar page of all events and in the event post. Square images are ideal, but a standard 3:4-ish rectangle is fine, too. Try for about 1000 px wide in case we need the image for other uses, too.

If you would like, you can also elect to have your event featured on the 9-array (the large multi-screen to your left in the central foyer, above the Ruth Davis Design Gallery). The 9-array image must be 1920 x 1080 px in .jpg, .png, .ppt, or .pptx, and should include key information about your event, but not too much text if you can avoid it—event name, date, time, and location should usually suffice.

Advance notice

Yes, we give ourselves up to three business days to post your event. Why? Because we often work with our student team to get things polished and published, and their hours are irregular.

Note, though, that if you would like for us to do more than just post your event to the website and Facebook, you should work with us well more than three days in advance. Want 200 people at your event? Cool. Want just 20 people, but the exact right 20 people, at your event? We’re on it. Come talk to us in 2144! In advance, please. We love your work and want it to succeed.

Meanwhile, start with the form.

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