And the EcoWell Idea to Action Fellowship goes to….

Maria Amalia Wood!!

Congratulations to Maria, a design graduate student in SoHE, who has been awarded the first ever EcoWell Idea to Action Fellowship.  The EcoWell Idea to Action Fellowship received applications from both undergraduate and graduate students from all four departments. Each idea that was submitted was innovative and was focused on creating a more just and well-being focused culture at SoHE.

Maria will receive her $500 award at the EcoWell Studio Grand Opening on January 23rd at 3pm. Her project, metamorph-isms, will take place in SoHE Room 1199 on April 5th from 1-5pm.  Her description of her project is as follows:


Real change starts with individual self-reflection.  My project invites the SoHE community to write about their fears, misunderstandings, and other social complications that may be difficult to speak about: our prejudices, our stereotypes, our isms.

Through the transformative activity of papermaking, the reflections will be broken down into pulp and re-emerge as new sheets of paper. The handmade papers will become part of an artist book that will carry ideas from contemporary thinkers about the ways we might move beyond what divides us toward a society that is inclusive and beautiful.

On receiving word that Maria had won the EcoWell Idea to Action Fellowship she said “I am extremely grateful and honored for the opportunity the EcoWell Idea to Action Fellowship has given me to use art as a tool for social justice. Sometimes art can create creative spaces for dialogue and self-reflection that other forms of communication can’t. Thank you!”

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