How to Collaborate

Center for Design and Material Culture

Center for Design and Material Culture logoThe Center for Design and Material Culture (CDMC) invites collaboration opportunities from UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students as well as off-campus community members.  We give special consideration to proposals that encourage engagement with art, design, built environments and modified landscapes and rely on designed objects as primary sources.  Successful collaborations align with the Center’s mission and our School of Human Ecology’s Vision Pillars.

Completing the Project Idea Request form makes it easy for you to tell us about your idea.  To expedite your request, please fill out this form completely and describe any in-kind resources or financial support you will pursue to help realize the project. The CDMC is almost entirely funded by private, external support so the more specific you can be, the more quickly we can determine if your project is a fit with our mission, our resources, and our organizational priorities.  Please note, complex collaborations may take a little longer to forward to the appropriate people and evaluate.  Once the Center has determined we can be of assistance, we will contact you to gather more information and/or schedule a project kick-off meeting.

How May We Contact You?  
Phone number:
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What Kind of Project Idea Do You Have in Mind?

(Choose up to 3 descriptions)

Public event

Collaborative exhibition proposal for one of our galleries

Community-based project

Faculty Research

Pedagogy & Customized lesson plans/curricular support


Briefly describe in your own words the scope of your project idea (What, Why, When, and Where). Please be sure to include why you think our project idea is a good fit for the CDMC and how you see it supporting the CDMC’s mission and SoHE’s Vision Pillars.

Briefly describe your project’s intended audience and the expected benefits they will receive from your idea.

To help us fully consider your idea, visual aids and publicity materials are really helpful. Please include here any publicly available web-based information or materials related to your inquiry, including links, descriptive photos, or pdf files. (Maximum file upload size is 5mb)

What Is Needed from the Center for Design and Material Culture to Help You Accomplish Your Idea?

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Physical Space


Center staff expertise

Design Studies faculty expertise

Center student support

Access to the Center’s other academic and professional networks

Publicity/ promotion

Event co-sponsorship

Support for grants/sponsored projects

What is Your Best Estimate of Your Project’s Work Requirements (the “How”)
Project Duration: best estimate project schedule/timetable and critical delivery dates

Project Costs: best estimate for itemized costs including project or event supplies, licenses, fees, and work hours for Center staff

Please describe any in-kind resources you can bring to the project, including waiving rental fees, administrative support, or promotion and publicity.

Are you planning to write a grant or pursue third-party funding support to support this collaboration? If so, please describe the dollar amount, the third-party, application due date, and the anticipated notification date.

Who at the Center for Design and Material Culture, in the School of Human Ecology, or in SoHE’s Design Studies Department do you envision working with?

Thank you for thinking of the Center for Design and Material Culture and for submitting your Project Idea Request. Someone will get back to you in 3 – 5 working days with a status update.