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Grocery Carts

Retail Leadership Symposium (Consumer Science 250)
By Students Bailey Fischer, Alicia Godoy, Sophie Gentine, Chad Hendricks, Mikayla Elliott, Thomas Feustel, and Alexis Falci 


“If Costco and Whole Foods were to have a baby, who would be their offspring?”

Retail Symposium Students + Roundys Leadership

Rebecca Calvin (far left) and Mike Goke (far right) with Retail Symposium Students

HINT: The cousin of Trader Joe’s!

That’s right, Roundy’s! Roundy’s was welcomed to the world in 1872 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the years, the company has adopted a few children, namely Pick ‘n Save, Metro Market, Copps, and Mariano’s.

Rebecca Calvin and Mike Goke came to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Retail Leadership Symposium to discuss the impact that these “children” have on the grocery industry with the undergraduates in the class.

Calvin and Goke began by informing students of their active roles in the company, and the steps they took to get to where they are today. Both Calvin and Goke hold similar roles, however, Calvin is the Vice President of Frozen, Natural, Dairy, and Grocery for Mariano’s, an Illinois branch of Roundy’s, whereas Mr. Goke is Vice President of Frozen, Dairy and Grocery for Wisconsin, where he manages mostly Pick ‘n’ Save and Metro Market locations.

Did you know that Roundy’s is now part of The Kroger company?

Kroger LogoNow you do! As of 2015, Kroger grew 22,000 associates larger, and now has an even more significant foothold in Midwestern markets. Due to this acquisition, Roundy’s now has access to Kroger’s vendors. This will have a positive impact on the merchandise they can bring into their stores. In addition, with the buying power of a large company like Kroger, Roundy’s will likely be able to lower the cost of their products, giving them quite a sustainable competitive advantage within the industry.

Both Calvin and Goke had only positive things to say about the merging with Kroger, along with a very optimistic outlook on the future of their stores.

Calvin and Goke closed their presentation by posing a question for the class: What are three things Roundy’s company can do to increase the loyalty of their customers? Some of the options that students came up with were integration of technology, personalized experience, and great customer service.

Hopefully customers will soon see great changes like these implemented in Roundy’s locations in the near future as grocery continues to become an industry focused more on consumer experience and engagement.

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