500 Pages- A Paper Curtain

Picture of Mark Hark working on her work

A new exhibit is up in the windows of The Image Lab at the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery at the corner of University and Randall to show the work of ten students taking ART 466 Papermaking: History, Elements and Techniques and Design Studies 528: Experimental Textile Design: Paper and Cloth taught by Design Studies Associate Professor Mary Hark. The course introduces steps of the paper making process including “investigation into papermaking fibers and traditional tools.” The exhibit is on display from February 11-28.

“Without hesitation the ten students from Art, Design and Bio-Chemistry jumped into this collaborative work, each producing in excess of 50 sheets of handmade paper with embedded materials to create texture. They immersed the sheets in indigo dye, gelatin sized the surface of the papers, and finally organized and tied them into curtains that fit this space. The exercise introduced the students to the hand papermaking processes; to the materials, equipment — and to each other. Working together intensively during the first two weeks of class, a productive and friendly community emerged: problems were collectively identified and solved and mutual respect was nurtured, as beautiful texture and color was found and celebrated. A collective sigh of appreciation was heard as we took in the finished works.”

(Taken from “500 Pages- a Paper Curtain” exhibit description)

500PAGES_HARK-small007 500PAGES_HARK-small006

500PAGES_HARK-small005 500PAGES_HARK-small003

500PAGES_HARK-small002 500PAGES_HARK-small001

Thank-you to Lynda Barry and The Image Lab
Jaeyoung Bae
Hannah Bennett
Karli Didrickson
Thomas Marren
Emily Nelson
Allison Roberts
Dana Slowiak
Andrew Tester
Caitlin Wagner
Maixia Xiong

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