Registration Fees


Registration Fees Checklist

Registration fees are for official participation at conferences, conventions, training, or meetings related to University business. Non-business related or optional activities (e.g. sightseeing tours, golf outings, family activities) or expenses for a spouse, friend or family member are not payable/reimbursable.

Note: Although Registration Fees may be paid/reimbursed in advance of the related travel, they must be entered as prepaid expenses on the travel expense reimbursement request that is submitted within 90 days following the completion of travel (Payment Method should be “University Prepaid” on final expense report if already paid on p-card or reimbursed on another expense report). This is required in order to provide the full picture of the entire trip expenses. If Registration Fees were prepaid via p-card or on an earlier expense report, indicate that, along with the name of the p-cardholder (or the expense report #) in the Description/Notes field.

For the full policy related to the above, please see the UW-Madison Reimbursement/Travel Policies: