Lodging Checklist

Lodging payment/reimbursement

Lodging payment/reimbursement is limited to the maximum single/standard room rate. The University will not pay lodging costs when travelers are within 50 miles of their home or headquarter city unless the travel is for a multi-day event with an evening business related activity that makes returning to the employee’s home impractical.


Travelers and travel arrangers are expected to research rates and reserve lodging using either directly with a Fox World Travel agent or via the online booking tool, Concur), to take advantage of potential cost savings.

If more cost effective rates are available outside of Concur/Fox World Travel, travelers and travel arrangers may reserve lodging directly with a lodging property or with a conference service/site. Use of internet based lodging brokers or third party sites (e.g. Expedia, Hotels.com, Kayak, Priceline, Airbnb, Hotwire) is prohibited.

Lodging Contracts

The University has contracts with various lodging suppliers in top travel destinations, including Wisconsin. UW contract rates are only offered within Concur or directly with Fox World Travel agents. Travelers and travel arrangers are encouraged to take advantage of the contract rates when available at the location. Location-specific lodging contract details are available in the University Lodging Directory.

Note: Conference rates are not available in Concur; however, rates found in Concur/Fox World Travel may be less than conference rates. Travelers and travel arrangers are expected to search Concur/Fox World Travel for their conference hotel(s) prior to finalizing lodging arrangements. Travelers/travel arrangers must contact the lodging facility directly or utilize the conference/event link to obtain the conference rate.

Lodging Rate maximums and UW tax exemption in WI and select other states

Please refer to the UW TravelWIse Calculator and the Lodging Policy under Lodging Rates.

Room Deposits or Guarantees

The University will not pre-pay/reimburse for lodging costs; however, payment/reimbursement for the first night’s stay, if required as a deposit or guarantee, is allowable.

Note: Although Lodging expenses will sometimes be paid on a p-card, they must still be entered as prepaid expenses on the travel expense reimbursement request that is submitted within 90 days following the completion of travel (Payment Method should be “University Prepaid” on final expense report). This is required in order to provide the full picture of the entire trip expenses. If Lodging was paid via p-card, indicate that, along with the name of the p-cardholder in the Description/Notes field.
For the full policy related to the above, please see the UW-Madison Reimbursement/Travel Policies.